Photovoice Bilbao

This project is based on an Action-Participatory Research (IAP) with the sole objective of encouraging community members to participate in finding solutions to their problems and helping to increase their empowerment. It uses a tool called PHOTOVOICE that combines the use of photographs with the IAP, in order to understand how the neighbourhoods of a city and its characteristics affect the health of its residents. This study will make a community diagnosis of the factors of the food environment related to eating behaviours of the residents from Bilbao.

We have worked with 3 neighbourhoods with different socioeconomic context of Bilbao. A total of 23 citizens from the following neighbourhoods: San Pedro de Deusto, Uribarri and San Francisco, took photos of their food environment, discussing and analysing a total of 110 photographs which were classified in 28 categories during group sessions. 40 final photos were selected and grouped into 6 categories and they will be showed and published on a photobook and exposed to the community:

  • Social relationships
  • Bad habits
  • Multiculturalism
  • Healthy habits
  • Transformation of trade
  • Precariousness

Thanks to this study:

– People have captured and reflected strengths and concerns of their community
– It has been promoted a critical reflection and knowledge on important issues of their environment through discussion groups about photographs
– It has been informed to political decision makers the necessities of the community through exhibitions or other public exhibitions.