Shared space: small family business of primary foods, super and prepared food exotic

If it wasn´t for diabetes ...!

I have everything, and if not, I get it

Popular parties. Life in the neighborhood.

Young people struggling to survive. I see it frequently

Food product and close deal between traders and users.

It is a way to publicize the neighborhood and its diversity of people and cultures

On San Francisco Street there are people from all countries

We have restaurants that give a very good service and they don’t make distinctions by cultures

It has surprised me that there are blankets in a food establishment

African food, it's nice, it reminds me of my country

I was shocked by its poverty and deterioration. It is related to food, hygiene, indifference ..

Good nutrition means good digestion

The excuse of a pintxo to get together

Anything goes?

A door open to other flavors. Interculturality

Responsible consumption? How far? Can we learn? By whom?

A place, a room to share knowledge and flavors.