The Team


Faculty of Medicine and Nursing. Nursing department. UPV / EHU

We work for taking care of people, patients, families and the community.

Dra. Leyre Gravina Alfonso

Research group coordinator

Teaching Staff and Researcher in the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine and Nursing, University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU)

"I study the influence of dietary habits and physical activity on the health of the population. My scientific interest is to investigate the influence of the urban environment has in the life style of the population and how their health is affected".

Nahia Guenaga

Nurse and Sociologist and Assistant Professor Doctor in UPV/EHU

"I am currently working in the diagnosis about physical activity and sports among children and adolescents of Bizkaia with functional diversity. I would like to identify what are the barriers and facilitators for carrying out this activity in the municipal scope of public offering."

Sendoa Ballesteros

Nurse. Associate Professor in UPV/EHU and worker of Basque Health Service

"My work is focused in the area of critical care, urgencies and emergencies. I am interested in the epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases".

Irrintzi Fernández

Nurse and Adjunct Associate Professor in UPV/EHU

"I study the influence of the consumption of various drugs on the health of the population. My area of interest is to investigate pharmacological interactions in the physiological effects of patients with certain pathologies".

Amets Jauregi

Nurse and Lecturer in UPV/EHU

"My scientific interest is to analyze the influence of the food environment on the dietary habits of the population. I would like to know how neighborhoods with sociodemographic differences affect these dietary habits of citizens".

Mónica Blas

Nurse and Lecturer in UPV/EHU and worker of Basque Health Service

"My passion is obstetrics. My area of interest is the reproduction and sexuality of women. I would like to investigate the influence of healthy habits on the development of pregnancy and the health of the mother and the newborn".

Ainhoa Estébanez

Nurse and student of the Master in Public Health (UPV/EHU)

"I like the area of Community Nursing. I would like to investigate the effectiveness of community interventions in the prevention of noncommunicable diseases and health promotion".

Zelai Garcia

Fines arts student & photographer

“Photography is my passion. I love walking through the streets so I can take pictures of all I see. I hope that my university studies can improve my artistic abilities for my profession".